As a one stop shop,
we provide the following services in content marketing.

Strategy Planning

Our consulting team is intimately familiar with digital marketing, which allows them to not only figure out the client’s issues, but also develop the most appropriate strategy and PDCA cycle. somewrite, Inc.’s team starts by creating a customer journey map, setting customized KPIs and KGIs, and figuring out a strategy to achieve your marketing goals.

Content Creation

Not only do we have specialized writers on staff, but our editing department releases over 1000 pieces of content monthly. We create editing departments for all our clients, work with specialists, supervise interviews, create videos, and are able to create a wide range of content. Furthermore, we are able to create corporate sites and construct the base for owned media services.

Distribution Strategy

somewrite, Inc. believes in the importance of a content distribution strategy, whether it’s through search engine searches, social media, or native ads. Our staff’s SEO consultants, content planners, and ad operation specialists work to bring you the best strategy for getting your content out there. We also have somewrite ad, which is somewrite, Inc.’s specialized ad network.

Analysis and PDCA

Our gross hacking team pinpoints the appropriate KPI and analysis points for your team. Our gross hackers, who have established over 150 owned media services, have the know-how to know the best strategy to assist your pain points.

We use the user’s end purchase as a base for achieving results.

Our team, who have helped over 150 companies in establishing owned media services, are here to help you.

At somewrite, Inc., we can consult with companies looking to enter the Japanese market. We can create owned media sites along with providing video, social media, and influencer marketing. We also have a native English speaker on staff. Feel free to reach out and we'll be more than happy to help!