SOMEWRITE’s Business and Services

Content Marketing Business

Our specialist team is commited to getting you results while being flexible to your needs

We are commited to delivering you anything to help with your owned media needs, whether it is stategy creation, media design, site creation, content planning creation, native ad and SEO driven customer acquisition, and consulting for the launch or improvement of your owned media.

Owned Media Services

We can advise you on the best way to use earned media by matching your user’s actions

We can deliver total support for earned media usage, whether through the use of social medial marketing (with Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram), infleuncer marketing, or video marketing.

Social Media and Earned Media Services

Utilizing paid media will help you deliver valuable information to your users

We will maximize your success and problem solving through paid media services such as social media ads, listing ads, NewsPicks Brand Account, and Hatena Bookmark ads.

Paid Media and Web Advertising Services

Consulting Business

By assembling experts from all different fields, we can create the best system to backup your problem solving

SOMEWRITE will support your media company’s needs, whether it’s strategy implementation, new service creation, scaling present media operations, supporting your M&A operations, or helping monetize your media.

Consultation for Media Business

In-House Media Business

We continue to challenge conventions with new forms of media and content

By taking knowledge from our content media business, we are able to create a space for clients and users to come together through producing in-house media and content.

In-House Media Business