Company Name:
somewrite, Inc.
Tokyo Central Miyamasusakaue 2-1-2, 8F,
Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan
Establishment Date:
September 2013
(As of March 2013, including interns.)
Board Members:
CEOSatoru Ikedo
Director (Founder)Yasunari Shibata
DirectorMasahiko Oishi


Closest StationHead to Aoyama Gakuen from Shibuya Station, and proceed along Miyamasusakaue for ten minutes.
Alternatively, from Omotesando Station, head for Aoyama Gakuen and walk for ten minutes.


  • Septmember 2013:
    somewrite, Inc. is established.
  • March 2014:
    We began our owned media service support.
  • October 2014:
    Received 120,000,000 yen in funding from Glee Ventures.
  • April 2016:
    Acquired by the Asahi Shimbun Group.


At somewrite, Inc., we support our client’s business
and marketing strategy by combining techology and content creation
and staying true to our mission of changing advertising into information.
With our know-how, experience, and team of experts,
we aim to not only bring fourth a new age in content creation, media, and business,
but as a content agency, also deliver maximum value for our clients and consumers.

Satoru Ikedo, CEO

I established somewrite, Inc. because I felt
users felt like that advertising wasn’t bringing them value.
We strive toward us mission, which is to change advertising into information,
by creating owned media for companies.
This runs the gamut of creating and planning content through the releasing stage.
Owned media will not only improve relationships between consumers and advertisers
but also bring value back to advertising.

Yasunari Shibata, Founder

At somewrite, Inc., we can consult with companies looking to enter the Japanese market. We can create owned media sites along with providing video, social media, and influencer marketing. We also have a native English speaker on staff. Feel free to reach out and we’ll be more than happy to help!